All Saints

School News

l Mr Rogers from Broadland Computers (AKA Lauren's Dad) and the pupils attending the After School Computer Club on Wednesdays have just completed their first project to design and publish this new school website. Well done to all of them. Mr Rogers reported that the pupils were full of lots of good ideas during their initial brain storming session which has led to the inclusion of a School Shop, Comments Board and a Suggestion Forum. Each of these are really low maintenance for the school with security in place to prevent mis-use. Also included is a new Photo Gallery that is really easy for us to update and most important of all, we can now edit the website ourselves so that we can keep it up to date and add to it as and when events occur.

l Staff and pupils gathered together to wish good luck to Mrs Millican who recently left to have her baby. We heard from her recently and it's a boy called Chester. Both are doing well.

l Mrs Price received an update from Kenya about the African boy Tipatet whom we sponsor. Full details can be found on our Charity and Fund Raising Activity page here.