All Saints

School SHop

Welcome to our School Shop. This is operated on a 50/50 basis with half of the proceeds going to the seller and half to The Friends of All Saints fund raising account for the school. Suitable items to list here include school or club uniforms that pupils have grown out of. E.G. jumpers, tee-shirts, jackets, blazers, Rainbow or Brownie uniforms, etc. Sellers may optionally list more expensive items here and make a fixed price donation of £5.00 - £10.00 if they prefer.

To list your item, click on "Submit Listing" button at the top of the form below to send your request to the school office. When approved the item will appear on the "For Sale Board" below.

To purchase an item, please contact the School Office and give them your contact details and they will pass them to the seller to contact you. The seller should make their donation upon completion of the sale and the School Office will remove the listing.